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Regulation on administration of donor organs obtain

  On the afternoon of 28, national WeiJianWei publicly released “donate organs obtain an

d distribution management regulations”, this is triggered in August 2013 revised on the b

asis of the original trial regulations.The regulations of chapter 6 of article 42, including general rules, the donation of b

ody organs to obtain, to donate organs for organization of quality management and control requirements, the donation of

body organs, supervision and management, the distribution of the bylaws.

  National WeiJianWei said, with the advancement of human organ donation an

d transplantation, on the one hand around to strengthen the human body or

gan procurement organizations (hereinafter referred to as the OPO) management for a lot of beneficial ex

ploration, have formed some good working mode and working mechanism, needs in the form of system of curing do

wn;On the other hand the regulations (try out) “some of the terms and conditions and the development of organ don

ation and transplantation work does not adapt, need to clear and refinement of management requires further.

  Therefore, national WeiJianWei organizations to revision of the regulations (try out) “, published “donate orga

ns obtain and distribution management stipulation” (the health medical hair [2019] no. 2, hereinafter re

ferred to as the regulations) effective as of March 1, 2019, the regulations (try out) “shall be repealed simultaneously.

Rainie sorry party sister sun group photo The lens

  27, rainie in personal social account

bask in a group photo with good sisters michelle C

hen, and a caption said: “sisters and so-called.My baby cyclone back to Taiwan

for work, will fly out tom

orrow, still take time to come to my house to meet with me tonight.Although

only a short span of more than one hour, bu

t good meet, all my pajamas with large plain yan, strong filter can only cover up

the yellow face shiva.Then michelle Chen su

n do as good sisters also said: “I like us”, in the picture two people on the lens show MOE and lovely girl.

  27, rainie in personal social account bask in a group photo with good sisters m

ichelle Chen, and a caption said: “sisters and so-called.My baby cyclone ba

ck to Taiwan for work, will fly out tomorrow, still take time to come to my hou

se to meet with me tonight.Although only a short span of more than one hour, but good meet, all my pajamas with large pla

in yan, strong filter can only cover up the yellow face shiva.Then michelle Chen sun

do as good sisters also said: “I like us”, in the picture two people on the lens show MOE and lovely girl.

Peru to 14 lives and injured 35 majortraffic accident

The original title: Peru to 14 lives and injured 35 major traffic accident

ma on January 26 (xinhua) Peru’s media reported on the 26th, in southern Peru

Arequipa provinces in the evening of 25 bus and truck collided head-on with ser

ious traffic accidents, killing at least 14 people were killed and 35 injured.

Accident happened in the evening at 8 around 15 points, a bound for apurimac child wawa provincial travel on the bus to the

southeastern city of Arequipa city to euler city road when overtaking, going the way to the oncoming a truck co

llided.After the two cars crashed into each other all fell into the 80 meters deep valley.

The official has not yet been published two specific number of involved vehicles.

Peru is one of the traffic accident rates are highest in the world, poor road conditions, ve

hicle condition and the driver driving without a license, drunk dr

iving and fatigue driving is the main cause of traffic accidents.25th of this month, tile Mr Peru’s central coast pro

vince sank river provincial bus accident just happened, killing at least 10 people were killed and 30 injured.

Watanabe, straight and male friend slice, was suddenly em

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eam will to work on”, I will produce better quality works for everyone.

Watanabe, straight and male friend slice, was sudd

enly embrace asa sexual assault, crying: don’t do that

Women compared with men in society, is a vulnerable groups, so the female friend

s in travel or in the process of male friends, be careful.If it’s on the road meet a hea

rt evil intentions, must find a way to escape, try to run to many places.Travel at ni

ght and as far as possible, lest meet bad people.

On 27 January, some netizens erupt mixed-race star watanabe straight beauty is re

vealed in the variety show, he had thoughts of sexual assault.The event, cause

d the netizens.Watanabe, Naomi said, on the day of one of her male friends invited to the home watching TV, watching the film

didn’t think was breast touching, she cried, don’t do that.Watanabe, Naomi recal

led said that his only 21 years old, with the male friend relationship is very good, alwa

ys treat him as a brother, oneself also admire him very much.One day, the men friend

Economic control” into the new home critical metviolence co

Reported according to Hong Kong’s da gong bao, recently, the British a draft law against domestic violence officially be submitted to the parliament, the draft Data figure Wang drawing

ister, Teresa mei in February 2017 for the first time put forward the government’s definition of domestic viol

ence, which covers the control and manipulate the physical violence, and economic abuse.

Defined in the draft, “domestic violence” is no longer limited to verbal and phy

sical violence, psychological oppression and threats within the category of “control of individual beh

avior to obtain, use, and hold the economic resources” belong to “economic abuse”.

Control, for example, if the husband wife money, food, transport and housing, forci

ng it to damage its credit rating, even will be breaking the law.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the protection of victims, the draft rules, also fo

r the victims in the court would not be allowed to ask the violent, the int

roduction of new protection order at the same time, the establishment of national level of family violence co

mmissioner, imprisoned in the violent when released may through mandatory polygraph test.

It is reported that British family violence frequency.According to the national bu

reau of statistics, from April 2017 to March 2018, 2 million adults in England and wales by violence, to 1.3 million the n

umber of women, on average every week there are two women die in the hands of a partner.

p ten consumer infringement event” # 2: QuanJian

Events:Cancer girl force on Tuesday, the father of zhou Yang, in QuanJian nature medici

ne technology development co., LTD. Relevant personnel to let her daughter to give u

p chemotherapy, instead taking its anti-cancer products, eventually lead to the age

of 6, zhou his condition deteriorated and died.On January 7, 2019, tianjin wu qing peo

ple’s procuratorate on suspicion of charges, such as organization and le

adership pyramid selling activities in accordance with the criminal detained Qua

nJian bouquet of xyz company actual controller, etc. 16 people.

he government over the years continued to increase health food market sup

ervision, but under the drive of huge benefits, health care products industry cha

os has no cure.There is still a lawless companies making false propaganda, “di

rect selling banner in MLM, red line the law again and again, ignoring the co

nsumer rights and interests, misleading KengPian consumers, and even endanger th

e safety of consumers’ life.For health care products advertising false exaggerating, la

w enforcement should be zero tolerance.And, more importantly, to “

Public just 25 days!Broke up with JENNIE exobio

  Exobiology member of the New Year’s day has just released this month relationship KAI (KAI), and JENNIE was rev

ealed today BLACKPINK members have parted, and respond to SM, said “K

AI, JENNIE did recently broke up.”YG response also confirmed that two people break up.So far, two public 25 days, split.

  KAI with JENNIE was reported on January 1, relationship, the two sides are adm

itted in the near future.And, according to people familiar with the KAI with JENNIE recently decided to end the rel

ationship, the relationship between the return to the past before the next, break up reason is that they both think th

ere’s a lot of things is more important than love, KAI and JENNIE have decided to

concentrate more on their work, which is the combination of the two people to each and fans and make the decision.

  On January 1, 2019, D club New Year the first exposure — the 24-year-old south Korean artist couple exobiology me

mbers KAI KAI and JENNIE BLACKPINK members, now 22, then revealed on November 25, 2018, KAI dr

iving their cars to JENNIE to Seoul sky park, two people in romantic dating in the moonlight.

  According to reports coming from the D club, two people starting in Oct

ober.Results exposure relationship just on New Year’s day, only 25 days that exposure to break up the message in the past.

University Students’Video Evidence Collection and Struggl

There has been a lot of controversy about whether to help the old people who fall down

on the Internet. Previously, there were news reports that pedestrians were blac

kmailed by their families in hospitals after they helped the fallen elderly. In fact, this is also a practical problem. Many elderly people will suffer from var

ious kinds of illnesses as they get older, and their health will also deteriorate. Once they fall to the ground, they will prob

ably suffer from fracture and other problems. After being sent to the hos

pital, there are also many problems of old and new diseases. Medical expenses often co

st a lot of money. Family members will be in a hurry when they know the situation. It is

very likely that the passers-by who is kind enough to rescue the fallen elderly will be re

garded as the perpetrators, thus causing misunderstanding.

Streets of Wuhan

Recently, such a thing happened on the streets of Wuhan. A man of Anhui nationality suddenly collapsed on the side of the road with a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. The five students who passed by just saw this scene. So they took pictures and got evidence and went to help the old man who fell down. According to the rescue students, they were going to print the materials at the printing shop outside school. Then they happened to see a middle-aged man wearing glasses sitting on the ground, with a painful expression and gasping for breath.

Touch porcelain comics

They were also hesitant to see such a situation. They were worried about whether it would be the person who touched the porcelain or some kind of cheater. But in the end, they decided to ask their companions to take out their mobile phones and take photos for evidence, and then to rescue the middle-aged man. And they also said that if this happened again, they would help others.

The controversy of this matter lies in taking pictures and taking evidence befo

re saving people. In a sense, it is the act of acquiescing that the other party may

be a bad person before making such a move. This also makes the good thing of saving people seem less pure in the initial m

otivation, and seems not in line with the perfect image of a good person in people’s hearts.

Accident!3 years old boy crush injured by a car Su

  Child safety accident, has been a topic that starts.Because have not grown up children, various aspects ability is lacking, this requires parents to are very conce

rned about the trend of children, and attention to children’s safety.If parents have a slight negligence, or is hol

d fluky psychology, often will inevitably occur accidentally.It doesn’t, two unfortunate children event again.

  Child safety

  A child safety accident:3 years old boy rolling by a car。According to the Associ

ated Press, December 22, 2018, at around 12 at noon, xintang park in shenzhen nanshan district shahe street int

ersection, a boy don’t know why, suddenly came to the middle of the road, and sat down on the ground to pla

y.Period, and no parents immediately ran to the boy up.And accidents in the ens

uing followed, into a corner a car from a nearby road, the front wheel rolling to the boy.Realized after the ac

cident, the car stopped immediately.Then, just have a suspected the

boy’s parents have run in the past, passing people also have to help lift cars to rescue the boy.

  The road

  Although emergency hospital treatment, the boy still 58 points and 1 PM o

n the day.It is understood that the boy was only 3 years old, it is very painful lessons together.For children, parents hav

e to learn, really need more attention.Don’t wait for the things to know regret, that time is too late.

  The front wheel

  Child safety accident 2:Children’s sudden illness in guangxi。According to the n

ews, on January 19, 2019, 23 PM in the evening, guangxi CenXi waxy Dong town, zhang village dragon a family of thr

ee children, one expiration become pipagao in sudden serious illness suspected.One of them died on the spot in t

he home;One child was taken to hospital in after the rescue invalid death.The last one children is hos

pital.The local party and government office at 1 PM the next day or so received the news.

  Become pipagao in

  Party and government office immediately start working with the inv

estigation, a preliminary screening, one referred to in the child’s death is not the v

illagers become pipagao in date.The specific cause of death to will be subject to relevant authorities released.The foll

ow-up investigation and disposal work, as well as the work is under way to appease kids relatives.

Retired teachers in colleges and universities in “rou

  Retired teachers in colleges and universities in the original title 】 【 “routin

e” loan: sign a loan contract are required to sign the sale and purchase contract when borrowing becomes “deposit”

  3.5 million property is 950000 sets

  Borrowing 20000 yuan, less than half a year wa

s 750000 yuan.The contract amount is borrowing 10 times, top individual daily inter

est was 100%;In just two months, more than 80 – year – old retired teacher at the univ

ersity of couples lost a suite of guangzhou tianh

e district, the market price of more than 350 ten thousand yuan, “routine is borrowed” gang on $950000 grab it…

  21, reporters learned from the people’s procuratorate of guangdong provi

nce, guangzhou huadu district people’s proc

uratorate in accordance with the law rec

ently for a five people “routine is borrowed” gang arrested on suspicion of fraud for approval.The gang on 88 vict

ims since 2016, successively fraud, the amoun

t is up to more than 3200 ten thousand yuan, also to defraud the victim property at 24 and other property.

  Prosecutors said the “routine” loan is premeditated organised crime, strong concealment and confusing, and often there is not enough to recognize the risks of the victim and preparation, once was, light with large debts, or may break.”Routine is borrowed” to the victim, as it were, individuals and their families and the society has brought great harm, “it is a social cancer.With the aid of the case, the prosecutor, told reporters found “routine is borrowed” 6 kinds of crimes.

  Prosecutors revealed “routine is borrowed” six methods

  To send “advertising”, such as call way to solicit the victim

  The criminal suspect is usually in the so-called “unsecured, non-interest bear

ing” “lending fast, instant to account” banner to attract potential customers, such as through private veh

icles in a public place, lending to a group of small ads, dial telephone harassment, promote its loan prod

ucts.In addition, they will still be in WeChat group, QQ, weibo and other network platform with these ads, once people

believe advertisements and get in touch with, so nine times out of ten of them a “set” in the congregation.