Lin Shuhao scored 20 points in his first start. Trey Young’s

On Jan. 9, Beijing Time, the Raptors were at home against the Eagles. The Raptors’Green Lunxiu and Lin Shuhao made their debut. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that the Eagles let Lin Shuhao start this

season, and the rumors that the Raptors are interested in Lin Shuhao, it really means a bit of open-box inspection! And Lin Shuhao cut 20 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds in 8 of 10 str

ong data. However, the Eagle is hopeful to win the game, but because of the last minute Trey Yang’s singles mistakes, the game was buried, but also proved himself – not worthy of the title of “Little Curie”, this year’s best rookie is even worse!

Lin Shuhao started to shine in the first quarter! Although he didn’t touch the ball in the first three minutes, he stopped shooting, laying up, making fouls and assists. He cut 10

points, 2 baskets and 1 assists in 4 and 4 quarters of a single quarter. The Hawks led the Raptors by 5 points in the first quarter! In the second quarter, Leonard led the team to a climax, while the Hawks found the feeling on the outside.

Lin Shuhao lost the ball right, so the two sides remained deadlocked until the end. In the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, Lin Shuhao

was turned into a spectator on the court. The Hawks’two outside players, Trey Young and Collins, did not give him the ball. In the last minute, the Hawks still led by one point.

Then Benbury was snatched by Leonard and Ibaca dunked. Then the eagle attacked, only Trey Yang waved his hand: sign all open, this is to play Leonard singles! Can you do

it? Sure enough, Trey Yang was flying up against Leonard singles, hasty shot out of boundaries, the next second Raptors quick counter-attack

is 2 minutes into the account, the game time is 0.7 seconds, almost no suspense! Raptors locked in the victory, the score is 104-101!

Trey Yang’s ball is not reasonable, Leonard came to defend him alone, and he wanted to play Leonard alone? Crowded and crow

ded, crowded and unstoppable, carrying the basket, then shooting arc, the point of playing the rebound, you think you are Kobe? Is it Durant?

Today, Lin Shuhao started as a player with excellent consciousness and overall view of color. He was in such a good state and played with trepidation, but his teammates would n

ot give him the ball. Only Collins or Dorsi would interact with him. Indeed, he did his best today. The final operation of Trey Young highlights the characteristics of the so-called “Little

Curie”: the alliance opens at four points and dares to eat Leonard one by one, Trey Young alone. Ha-ha… singles Leonard? Not self-reliant!

Today, the eagle is the most accurate is Lin Shuhao, but the last four minutes have not touched the ball! Collins feel good, before the su

ccessive success of singles Siakam, but also can not touch the ball, the ball right is here in Treyan! As far as the last attack, singles Leonard, Tr

ey Yang is great, you prove your value! The Eagle did not see you wrong, you can not run in the lottery, rotten. Definitely successful!